Community Movie Night

Watch videos together virtually with friends, family or fellow fans from across the globe. ViewingParty allows everyone to watch in sync on multiple streaming services right from your browser. Join other parties in session or schedule your own. Find out what all the fuss is about.

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ViewingParty synchronizes all viewers' shows or movies with the host. Text chat in each party will allow everyone to share their reactions in real time.


Watch videos with family and friends virtually. You can also be part of a larger community where you never will be forced to watch anything alone again!


ViewingParty will be your virtual theatre. All the viewers need to do is use a computer with Google Chrome and download the ViewingParty Chrome Extension. We'll take care of the rest.


Join an ongoing viewing party of find a scheduled one so you can watch from the beginning . You can also schedule your own viewing party and we'll announce it to all interested members .

Why ViewingParty?

Media Synchronization

No more of : "3..2..1..Start!" ViewingParty handles everything automatically and for everyone. This includes when the host skips or pauses.

Community Experience

Meet other members with similar interests by joining one of the public ViewingParty's or create your own. Stick around after and share your thoughts and reactions. Then vote on the next movie, show, song, clip etc.!

Integrated or External Chat Rooms

Communicate with other viewers either through our internal chat rooms or host a ViewingParty on and use your own channel's chat from Twitch . Find out how to do this legally on Twitch in our Live Steamer page .

Discover Content

See what other people like to watch on StreamParty or simply what is new on your Streaming Services to find your next videos to binge with friends.