Yes. Joining or hosting watch parties on ViewingParty is 100% free. Outside of our site all viewers are required to have a paid subscription or legal access such as rentals to partner services .

Yes. Content is not shared besides your facial reactions and twitch chat. These are synchronized with your viewers on a separate tab in your browsers through the ViewingParty extension. Each viewer would need to login to their own partner service(i.e Netflix) in order to participate in the event. Just make sure you are either using headphones or another method so that sound from the movie/show doesn't leak into your stream audio

Yes , but content on video services are not the same in every country. In other words , different countries might not have the same movie or show listings.

Not at all, we are not interested in your login information or looking to sell it. ViewingParty uses the Twitch Api to login to your account so that you can participate in a chat. Otherwise, you are free to lurk. Logging into participating services (i.e Netflix) are handled through your stored cookies and not handled by us. You can login to them beforehand and outside of our services.

Not at this time. We have future plans to make our site compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Yes but every viewer will also have to also rent the same content. We are working on a solution to synchronize content whether it is rented or accessed through a subscription.

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